Statement Chairs ode to the experimental chair, the unexpected chair, the activist chair, and the chair in art. It brings together more than a hundred surprising chairs that are progressive in material, technological or social terms. Designers, artists and users speak about the many forms and meanings of this ubiquitous seating object. We show over a hundred surprising chairs, that broaden our horizons, raise questions and expose social issues. In short: chairs that make a statement!

In Statement Chairs we tell unexpected stories about the chair, its maker and its user. We do this not only through well-known chairs, but primarily by showing designs and artworks that are not so known among the public. Not only in the selection, but also in the presentation of the work you will be surprised: designer Joost van Bleiswijk (1976) is both co-curator as well as designer of the exhibition.

Image: Anna Aagaard Jensen, A Basic Instinct, 2018. © Iris Rijskamp