With Centraal Museum undergoing extensive restructuring works, many of the art works need to be moved. The popular doll’s house of Petronella de la Court, too, needs to be transferred temporarily to the museum depot. And that’s quite a job, since the house consists of more than 1600 individual parts. A miniature book shelf, a violin perfectly crafted to size, a waffle iron of just a few centimetres across… Every little piece needs to be wrapped individually, and carefully archived and prepared for the move. Would you like to watch this painstaking work being performed? You are welcome to witness this exciting process over the next few weeks.

Enter the doll's house virtually 

Meet the staff

From Tuesday to Friday between 11am and 5pm, visitors can observe a restorer at work in the display room. You are free to ask the restorer any questions you may have. Updates will be posted regularly on Instagram showing how the museum’s move is progressing. 

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