Main building access

The Centraal Museum has a special route for wheelchair users and visitors with prams. Ask for a copy at the museum entrance or download (PDF) it now.

There are a few doors that are difficult for wheelchair and rollator users. Consequently, you might want to bring a companion when you visit.

The upper chapel and the mezzanine floors in Expo 2 and 3 are only accessible by stairs. 

The Centraal Museum has two accessible toilets: next to the cloakroom and next to the auditorium/Expo 2.

Borrow a wheelchair

To protect the collection, mobility scooters are not allowed in the museum. Do you use a mobility scooter? You may borrow a wheelchair from us. The Centraal Museum has three manual wheelchairs.

You may park your mobility scooter in the museum foyer after checking with the host or hostess on duty. You can reserve a loan wheelchair on weekdays between 10am and 5pm via +31 (0)30 236 2349.

Folding stools

Is standing for long periods of time difficult for you? Borrow one of our lightweight, portable folding stools.

Free admission for companion

Visitors who find it difficult to go the museum on their own may bring a companion. Admission is free for this companion. A companion ticket is only available at the Centraal Museum ticket desk. Please report to one of the hosts or hostesses in the foyer upon arrival. He or she will be happy to help you.

Assistance dogs

The museum is accessible to visitors with an assistance dog provided the dog has a harness.

Blind and visually impaired visitors

The mediaguide for smartphones is suitable for screenreaders.

Deaf and hearing impaired visitors

Audio fragments in the mediaguide for smartphones are available in text in the mediaguide. Videos have subtitles.

Visitors with hidden disabilities

Our employees are familiar with the Sunflower Keycord. This is a keycord for people with a hidden disability, such as autism, Alzheimer's, dementia, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). The keycords can be purchased through the Hidden Disabilities Store.

Parking for disabled visitors

There are two parking spaces for disabled visitors on Nicolaaskerkhof, next to the museum.


Do you have any questions concerning your visit to the Centraal Museum? Or would you like to discuss the particulars ahead of time with one of our employees? Please contact the Information Centre during opening hours by phone: +31 (0)30 236 2353 or email:

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