On a few Thursdays a year, Centraal Museum keeps its door open until late to welcome more art, local creatives and curious crowds to a special event: Centraal Laat. During these evenings, the exhibition spaces are filled with live music and performances. Guests are invited to get involved through workshops and lectures. Designed in close collaboration with Utrecht locals and newcomers, each Centraal Laat draws from the topics of the current exhibition to offer to the guests a new, refreshing experience.


This July, the exhibition New Horizons invites us to reflect on travel, landscape and on the connection with our space, what we see and what grew underground, like street culture. Curated in collaboration with 030Netwerk, July’s Centraal Laat brings Utrecht’s underground street landscape under the sun. Looking at the horizon as a point of endings and beginnings, 030Netwerk brings on the museum’s spaces emergent and affirmed artists and disciplines from dance to music and graffiti. Artists from Surinam, workshops and lectures about the roots of dance culture and will also invite the guests to reflect on Keti Koti and its impact todays’ landscape. Curious to explore Utrecht's landscape from new perspectives? Come to Centraal Museum on the 6 July!




030Netwerk organises events in Utrecht where local creatives get the chance to showcase themselves. Its mission is to strengthen the cultural climate and create an infrastructure that enables artists to build successful careers. The development of emerging talent is also encouraged in 030Network's music studio. Art and society are at the heart of all activities, which take place at unique locations. There is always an opportunity to present talented artists and appeal to new audiences, connecting different cultures.


OpdeKaart is a monthly interactive talk show with live showcases that puts local artists in the spotlight. Led by the host, it delves into the world of artists active in and around Utrecht. OpdeKaart gives an exclusive look into the creative process and explores the area in which creators are developing. How has the cultural landscape in the city changed and where do we collectively want to go? To provide a broader perspective, professionals from the industry are also invited to share their views.


CLU is a young organisation founded by experienced street culture entrepreneurs with an extensive network of street art artists. CLU works closely with several commercial brands and companies that play an important role within youth culture and street culture. CLU stands for graffiti, fashion, trainers, design and branding. The collaborators and partners come from the street culture scene or have a strong connection to it in one way or another.

Image: @josneljoseph_

Jamaya Kadijk

Jamaya Kadijk, a 24-year-old creative all-rounder, was born and raised in Utrecht. She is the proud owner of Joozy Art, a company where she works as an artist, graphic designer and content creator. At 22, she decided to travel to the United States on her own to live there for a few months and explore her art. It was there that she came up with the idea of combining her Afro-Caribbean roots with both historical and contemporary events to create interactive art. In this way, she brings art and culture lovers together and inspires people to look beyond just the artwork in front of them. Her goal is to collaborate with makers from different backgrounds and organise exhibitions throughout the Netherlands with her interactive art. In this way, she wants to encourage viewers to meet, create social connections and promote intercultural communication. Especially for Centraal Laat, Jamaya has devised a project called 'Portrait Talks', in which she guides several groups that have in-depth conversations about the stories behind her portraits.