Co-curator and Diversity Rules-founder Janice Deul: “Black people are often said to be the Curators of Cool, but this isn’t always recognized or acknowledged where it matters. This lack of recognition has all to do with power and history. And that’s why I’m so excited about this show. It's a celebration of black beauty, talent and culture that we hope will provide food for thought and give models and designers the credit they deserve.”

A major new fashion exhibition entitled Voices of Fashion. Black Couture, Beauty and Styles. is set to open at the Centraal Museum. The show will be the first ever staged by an art museum in the Netherlands to query the white gaze as the default vantage point from which to present, wear and collect fashion. Underpinning the exhibition are years of research by black, brown and white people that show that the fashion world and our relationship with it continue to be shaped by the legacies of European colonialism. Voices of Fashion takes you on a little told story of fashion, with a stunning exhibition design by Afaina de Jong of AFARAI.


Participating designers

On display will be designs by Cross Colours, Louis Vuitton/Virgil Abloh, Moncler x Valentino, Ozwald Boateng, Ikire Jones, Yves Saint Laurent, Marga Weimans and XULY.Bët, among others. Also among the exhibits are works by a new generation of young designers, such as The New Originals and Thebe Magugu.


Along with the exhibition, the Centraal Museum publishes a book in collabaration with Serana Angelista en Glamcult. The book is packed with interviews, unique photo's, columns, essays and other contributions of inspiring and renowned persons in the fashion industry.

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