For her first solo exhibition, Yasmina Ajbilou creates new designs in the form of contemporary colorfully decorated kaftans. With this, Ajbilou reflects on the traditions and techniques she knows from her Moroccan background: 'In this exhibition I weave personal stories into my designs. I talk about my background, my upbringing, about who I am now. Everything comes together in a triptych of silhouettes, which you can wander between.' A triptych of silhouettes is shown in the Utrecht Lokaal: three installations of kaftans combined with ceramic shoes and jewelry and a series of photos. Ajbilou's kaftans are richly decorated: the colorful elements are works of art in themselves and reflect personal stories. It results in an intimate exhibition.

Yasmina Ajbilou (1992) graduated at the Hogeschool van de Kunsten in Utrecht (HKU) in 2016, where she now teaches. In 2018 she founded House of Useless, a label in which she translates her vision of sustainability, beauty and strength into fashion.

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