The exhibition Bait/Bite brings together the work of Ricardo van Eyk (1993) and Janine van Oene (1988).The title refers to two important characteristics in their artistic practice. Bait stands for seduction and attraction, while Bite represents the working process: patiently waiting until you get a bite.

Specially for the exhibition, Van Eyk has made an intervention with tarpaulin that responds to the red medieval stained-glass windows and Krijn de Koning’s concrete and glass interior from 1999. Van Oene has used the intervention as a support for her paintings.

Ricardo van Eyk

Public spaces are often the source of inspiration and the starting point for Van Eyk's paintings, objects and architectural interventions. He is fascinated by the enormous number of demarcations in public spaces. Within the tarpaulin intervention, Van Eyk has placed several sculptures that refer to so-called ‘hostile architecture’. These formal distortions recur in Van Eyk’s objects.

Janine van Oene

At first glance, Van Oene's colourful and dynamic paintings seem abstract, but they always have a recognisable element: a tentacle, a leaf, a fish or a sea creature. Blinds, windows and flowers are echoed as abstracted graphic elements in her paintings, creating formal contrasts between the hard lines and the flowing movements. The graphic signs work as 'bait' that slowly lures the viewer into the painting.