Graphic designer and illustrator Max Kisman (Doetinchem, 1953) has earned an international reputation for his commissioned graphic work, typography and animations. In recent years he has focused on self-generated, personal art projects that are emphatically experimental. In a search for his identity, his Indonesian origins and masculinity are important motifs. Kisman makes works on paper, animations and projections. He experiments with shadow plays that are reminiscent of Javanese wayang puppets, accompanied by his own music and lyrics.

This exhibition is a tribute to his Indonesian grandmother, Kuspinah. Because Kisman grew up in the Netherlands, far from Indonesia, he never knew her. That loss symbolises the dual cultural identity he carries within him. The impact of colonialism plays an important role in this. The animations, tapestries and sculptures are based on his diary drawings in which desire, loss, connection and belonging are recurring themes.

Kisman's unique style, combining digital and hand-drawn elements, has been highly influential and has brought him great renown within the world of graphic design and beyond.

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