For his solo exhibition at the Centraal Museum, Jasper Hagenaar (Tilburg 1977) has not only made a new series of paintings but he also adapted the gallery space by adding extra walls. He has created three smaller spaces by installing walls on the boundary lines of the light grey concrete parts of the floor opposite the glass walls. The spaces function like dioramas, because initially we can only view the paintings through the glass, from a distance. Jasper hopes that this will encourage visitors to look more consciously.

The paintings he is showing here are inspired by works from the museum’s collection of modern art: the kind of modernism he became familiar with as a child when visiting museums with his parents. However, he does not copy them directly, but instead uses cardboard, wood and clay to create three-dimensional models that are the subjects of new paintings. The small formats and broken, muted colours evoke, in a somewhat melancholy fashion, a previous era: the bygone days of abstract modernism.


  • Binnen kijken bij Jasper Hagenaar, Koos de Wilt, (Collect : kunst & antiekjournaal, 25, 6, september 2021), pp. 24-27

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