The exhibition MOḌA, the common word in Moroccan to refer to fashion, centres on the makers and presents the artistic work and personal stories of cutting-edge designers and artists from Morocco and the Moroccan diaspora in the Netherlands. These game changers led the way for several generations of makers, enthusiasts and consumers, far beyond the national borders of Morocco. MOḌA. Moroccan Fashion Statements is the result of a joint initiative by DAR Cultural Agency and Centraal Museum.

The versatility of the exhibition and the Moroccan fashion world is demonstrated through various themes. ‘Monumental’ presents the striking designs by for instance Sara Chraibi, Daily Paper, New Tangier and MAISON ARTC, while in ‘Cosmopolitan’, the rural and urban worlds merge, as observed through the eyes of multidisciplinary artists. Here, videos, photographs and textile art reveal the stories of groundbreaking creative makers such as Joseph Ouechen and Meryem Slimani. The theme of ‘Amazigh Hair Heritage’ is the result of a unique collaboration with the world-famous hair stylist Ilham Mestour.

‘Friendship’ focuses on the iconic Tamy Tazi and her friendship with Yves Saint Laurent. In the 1960s and 70s, Tazi was part of the avant-garde of Moroccan fashion with her innovative application of embroidery. Specifically for this exhibition, Hassan Hajjaj created an Intermezzo: a lounge space for personal encounter, inspired by his new space JAJJAH in Marrakesh. In this intermezzo space visitors can find a selection of books curated by Yasmina Naji of Kulte Editions: Morocco’s only independent publisher of art books. In ‘Artists & Artisans’, the focus is on the manufacturing process, with designs by Fadila el Gadi and others, and new work by both Mina Abouzahra and Said Mahrouf.

The exhibition comprises about one hundred objects, curated across seven themes ranging from cosmopolitan to monumental. Together they tell transhistorical, intercultural and personal stories from the perspective of fashion.

From hyperlocal to international

MOḌA presents stories from the Moroccan diaspora in the Netherlands as well as of creative makers in Morocco. The exhibition shows that these groups are not worlds apart, but that they mutually inspire and influence each other. MOḌA captures the many layers and complexity of Moroccan cultures, through the different art forms and perspectives and the statements and questions posed by the makers.


MOḌA features work by makers including Mina Abouzahra, Noureddine Amir, Yto Barrada, Said Belhadj, Laila Hida, Meriem Belkhayat, Mohamed Benchellal, Meriem Bennani, Samira Charroud, Sara Chraibi, Daily Paper, Hassan Hajjaj, Said Mahrouf, MAISON ARTC, Chaimae el Masmoudi, Karim Adduchi, Yousra Razine Mahrah, Stone Stories, YUSRA, Ilham Mestour, New Tangier, Joseph Ouechen, Tamy Tazi, Meriem Yin, Fadila el Gadi and DIOR.

Programme and publication

As part of MOḌA, a linkage programme and a publication will be available, both co-developed by DAR Cultural Agency and Centraal Museum Utrecht. The richly illustrated book is published by Wbooks and contains (visual) essays and reflections from participating designers as well as in-depth conversations.

Centraal Museum x DAR Cultural Agency

Centraal Museum and DAR Cultural Agency are joining forces for MOḌA. Founder Zineb Seghrouchni: “The aim of DAR Cultural Agency is to stimulate meaningful collaborations between artists, museums, brands and communities. The art platform aims to establish a new norm. This new norm already exists, in the fringes of society, neighborhoods and disciplines and emerges outside of the traditional institutions.

DAR brings new streams and dreams to art through thoughtful curation and represents artistic talent in the field of art, design and architecture. Between 2017 and 2022, Seghrouchni created and led the first large-scale international design programme involving Morocco and the Netherlands. MOḌA is a manifestation of how these different worlds are connected. The stories that MOḌA presents demonstrate how art is part of everyday life: you literally wear it on your skin.”

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Credits: Models Saïf, Safae and Yasmina (from left to right) for MOḌA - Moroccan Fashion Statements, 2024 © Centraal Museum Utrecht / DAR Cultural Agency / Sharon Jane D