He rips, blowtorches, welds, sketches and slides parts in and out of one other. All in a physical and intense way, without much concern for subtlety or carefulness. Design is no democracy for Joost van Bleiswijk.

Van Bleiswijk (1976) is a Dutch designer whose aesthetic arises from the making process. Fascination for the construction of the object is the starting point for his work. In practice, Joost approaches designing as a physical act. His designs are often not commonplace but iconic objects such as chess games, clocks, mortars and chandeliers, which acquire new meaning when placed in contemporary settings.

 In this exhibition, we showcase Joost's oeuvre based on four themes in his work: No Screw No Glue, Sketch, Ripped and Teared, and Proto-Punk. His work is combined with modern and contemporary art that he personally selected from the Centraal Museum collection, including works by Charley Toorop, Theo van Doesburg, Dick Bruna and Jan Schoonhoven. Immersed in music in his designed spaces, the visitor is transported into the world of Joost.

Collection in this exhibition

  • No objects from the Centraal Museum collection were shown in this exhibition


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