After almost 33 years of service, Marja Bosma, curator of modern art, is bidding farewell to Centraal Museum Utrecht. In her farewell exhibition, she will present a selection of artworks she acquired for the museum. These works will be combined with works by artists such as Thomas Huber, Robbie Cornelissen, Marlene Dumas and Ienke Kastelein with whom Marja has had a productive and wonderful collaboration.

Image: Carel Blotkamp, Another Throw, 2013


  • De geest moet waaien : enkele avonturen van scheidend conservator Marja Bosma, geheel naar waarheid opgetekend uit een haperend geheugen, Marja Bosma, Centraal Museum (Utrecht, 2023), 40 p.

Collection in this exhibition

  • No objects from the Centraal Museum collection were shown in this exhibition

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