David Jablonowski made this video especially for the screens of the Centraal Museum and in relation to the exhibition Jessica Stockholder: Stuff Matters. In his sculptures, videos and installations Jablonowski closely follows the latest technological innovations. He is not only interested in technology itself, but also how these are communicated, marketed and traded around the world. He became fascinated by the use of heaps of spices in promotional campaigns for printers and cameras. The precision of the product is promoted with the texture and colors of the spices. At the same time, a relationship is drawn to age old trade routes. In Innovation Screensaver Jablonwski brings together colourful landscapes of spices with other objects, such as bright blue sandpaper and a film strip. The quotes at the bottom of the screen, such as "new trade routes will reshape world economies", are slogans from the marketing world, sometimes strongly futuristic; prophetic, sometimes more apocalyptic.

David Jablonowski, Innovation Screensaver, 2019.
Video, 3 min.
Courtesy Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam

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