During Voices of Fashion, the Annex is taken over by Tabita Rezaire (1989), a French artist with Guyanese and Danish roots. Rezaire creates video installations and performances in which she critically and playfully connects her art practice with alternative cosmologies, forms of medicine and spirituality.

In the Annex, her latest installation Orbit Diapason is shown, which draws inspiration and guidance from the stone circles of South Africa to dive into the realms of alienhood and the poetics of invasion.

This presentation is part of Rezaire’s solo exhibition Symbiose Immaculée which is a collaboration between IMPAKT, center for media culture and the Centraal Museum and takes place in two locations. You will find the second part of the exhibition at IMPAKT (on view at Lange Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht). The installation Orbit Diapason comes out of a joint commission by the two institutions, with the support of IDFA and LA Filmforum for the film production. The presentation in The Annex is made possible with the generous support of the Mondrian Fund, OUTSET and the Theodora Niemeijer Fonds.

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