The climate crisis is perceived by many as an overwhelming, global problem. How can one deal with this issue in an intimate and more personal manner? This question is at the heart of Rory Pilgrim’s film The Undercurrent. For this film, the artist worked with ten young climate activists from the Boise, Idaho area of the US. In the film, they discuss the effects of the climate crisis, and the way the crisis is linked to the social issues they face: difficulties with religion, with friendship, their struggles for gender equality and the basic need for a home.

Pilgrim produced the film over a two-month period with the climate activists and several members of the local homeless community, drawing on workshops, field trips and vlogs. The Undercurrent brings together documentary recordings of conversations and interviews with cinematic, poetic images. He composed the soundtrack together with musicians from Boise. In these uncertain times, The Undercurrent explores what might offer people a sense of belonging: a home, a country or each other?

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