Voices of Fashion Talks ‣ Women in the hip-hop industry

Online talk with April Walker and Farida Sedoc


Voices of Fashion Talks ‣ Women in the hip-hop industry

Online talk with April Walker and Farida Sedoc

As part of the exhibition Voices of Fashion in Centraal Museum, we are hosting a series of seven online conversations on Thursday evenings: the Voices of Fashion Talks.

Speakers in the Netherlands and around the world discuss fashion, music, diversity, inclusiveness and street culture. These freely accessible talks are conducted in English. If there’s anything you’d like to ask the speakers, then you can post your questions live in the comments during the conversation.

In the first talk on 20 May at 7pm, April Walker (Walker Wear), Farida Sedoc (artist) and Ouassima Tajmout (FunX) will discuss the role of women in the hip-hop industry from the 1980s to today.

April Walker is the brain behind the streetwear label Walker Wear. Given how the hip-hop world is dominated by men, she concealed for many years that she was the brand’s pioneering force. Since the brand’s launch in the 1990s, all major hip-hop artists wear Walker Wear. April Walker is an authority in the field of entrepreneurship. She is the CEO of A Walker Group, which works with and advises businesses with regard to fashion and urban lifestyle, and also wrote the bestselling book Walkergems, Get Your A$% Off The Couch.

Farida Sedoc is an Amsterdam-based visual artist. She works with media such as silkscreen, graphic design, collage, printmaking and textile to create layered stories and site-specific works. Her work is closely tied to the ideology of street culture, where the city and its inhabitants meet and identity is constantly questioned. She investigates contemporary culture and how monetary policy, cultural heritage and politics influence the future of globalism.

As a host at radio station FunX, Ouassima Tajmout is a prominent online presenter. She works both on-screen and behind the scenes. As a former football player, she likes to frequent the world of top-level sports, for example as the presenter of kickbox events. She will often don a pair of gloves as well. She has devised and elaborated numerous successful formats. The popular series First Fear, Van Straat Naar Platina, and Beats Tikken Met have been viewed millions of times.

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Thursday 20 May
7PM - 8PM