Centraal Laat is the evening concept of Centraal Museum Utrecht. On a few Thursdays a year, you can wander through the exhibition rooms until after hours and lose yourself in performances, music, lectures and other cultural happenings in and around the museum building. Expect collaborations with both Utrecht locals and refreshing cultural newcomers.

The Bentvueghels. A notorious art society in Rome tells the story of a group of like-minded people who united in a new place to form a motley crew. Through their strong sense of community and parties, they supported and inspired each other in their artistry and in building a new life in Rome. Together with Queer in Wonderland, this edition of Centraal Laat focuses on communities based on creativity and freedom of self-expression. By placing the stories from the 17th century in a contemporary light, Queer in Wonderland brings us together, encouraging reflections on roles, emancipation and opportunities available back then and nowadays. Through a vibrant program of dance, workshops, music and much more, we will explore all the different facets of identity and community building.

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About Queer in Wonderland

Queer in Wonderland came into existence in 2019, just before the COVID-19 lockdown. The organization aims to organize more for and by the queer community. Their mission is to create a more inclusive and safer (night) life In Utrecht. Queer in Wonderland is in full swing, adding depth to the Utrecht cultural landscape by creating space for dialogue and focusing on education.

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Utrecht Ballroom Scene

The Utrecht Ballroom Scene is a community that is created by and for the queer and trans community (including people of colour) both in Utrecht and beyond. The community organizes weekly Voguing classes, workshops, and social events.

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Tom Poessy

Her drag creates beauty from thrifted finds and a rhinestone or two. Feast yourself on an eclectic and colourful world filled with chaotic humor and dramatic performances and find out how you too can become a fascinating creature of the night. During Centraal Laat Tom Poessy will guide you through the evening and perform in the exhibition rooms and the Tuinzaal.



QUEERDOH, created by Jolanda Mensink and Niels F. Rodenburg, is a playful queer party and podcast, hosted in and from Sickhouse, Enschede. Their platform offers a safe and open-minded space for everyone to enjoy themselves without prejudice, queerphobia, homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of discrimination.

The creators of QUEERDOH aim to reclaim the word ‘weird’, which was once used to describe them in a negative way and elevate it to the highest compliment. They combine this with the queer community and the magical world of clay creation to make Enschede (and beyond) a place where everyone can fully celebrate and express themselves.

For Centraal Laat, Jolanda and Niels will host their podcast episode live, accompanied by a quiz in which everyone can join in!


Garden of Queerdom

Garden of Queerdom (GOQ) is a herbal community care project that centers collective forms of care (self/community/earth) over the individualized. GOQ works with handpicked local herbs around the Netherlands, creating herbal oils and balms to support the community and bring a queer perspective on (herbal) care.

During Centraal Laat QOQ will host a workshop in which you can make your own herbal healing balms, from herbs collected in and around Utrecht. The aim is to focus on the importance of the community, get together and create a space to share knowledge and thoughts on healing and care.

Founder Latoyah Burlace and collaborator Mandy van Pelt will be your hosts during the workshop. DIY-care packages will be available for purchase, to make your own herbal balms at home and free care zines made by Jake Carruthers will be available for everybody that joins the workshop during the event. For contact and more info on the project visit @gardenofqueerdom or contact Latoyah Burlace.

Collection in this exhibition

  • No objects from the Centraal Museum collection were shown in this exhibition


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