On Thursday 15 July it's time for a new edition of 'Centraal Laat'. Online for now, but hopefully we'll be able to welcome you back in the museum again soon! In this online edition curated by United Identities, Carista (DJ, curator and producer) invites three artists she admires. They take us through the Voices of Fashion exhibition and speak to Suze Ijó, Quanza and Brintex Collective about their own work and inspiring pieces from the exhibition

United Identities

United Identities is a radio show, music label and club night founded by Carista in 2016. On her mission to connect like-minded contemporary music lovers, she started both the label and the inclusive club nights a few years ago. The platform aims to give local artists the same push that Carista got. Offering a chance to show them the world – No ego, all equal.

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Born in Utrecht, Carista is not only a well-known DJ, but also a producer and curator. She has the special ability to take listeners on inspiring journeys through different genres. When Carista is spinning you can hardly suppress the desire to dance. Her raw energy and compelling selections have been showcased on radio shows and live events worldwide. Her BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix was even nominated as Mix of the Year 2020. Carista has proven to be an unstoppable force with her charismatic and infectious style. In 2016, Carista founded the label and platform United Identities.

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Suze Ijó

In the lively harbour city of Rotterdam, Suze Ijó's love for music was present from an early age. She manifested herself as a dancer and record collector, and later as a DJ and radio producer. In addition, she is a former 'First Floor' member: A communal space near Rotterdam where music lovers gathered to practice and hosted private events inspired by New York's iconic party 'the Loft'. A lover of all genres that do not distinguish between electronic and analog sounds, Suze Ijó always carries positive vibes with her. She can be found regularly at Operator Radio (Rotterdam) where she hosts her own show 'Ba tende'.

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Quincy Fung-Loy, best known as QUANZA, is a Dutch-Surinamese producer, guitarist, composer and student of Musicology at Utrecht University. After hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time, QUANZA started teaching himself how to play guitar at the age of thirteen. A few years later, his journey as an electronic music producer began. In his music he combines live instrumentation with electronic, resulting in electronic jazz to avant-garde hip-hop. His debut song "A Death Supreme" on United Identities gained early support from Louis Vuitton's music director Benji B, who played it on BBC Radio 1.

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Brintex Collective

Brintex Collective started out as a three-headed band consisting of young Rotterdam musicians, led by keyboardist Brenn Luiten. This slowly grew into a creative collaboration. Now the band consists of five other musicians who give a lot of color to Brenn's compositions; Inspired by jazz, hip-hop, electronic music and all the diverse interests of every musician in the band, the result is a fresh sound that immediately energizes the audience.

PraCTical Information

Date Thursday 15 July
Time 8 PM
Location YouTube
Price Free
Language Dutch

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Collection in this exhibition

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