In the Netherlands social distancing means that everybody keeps one and a half meters distance of each other. The museum guarantees this by limiting the number of visitors and spreading the visitors over the day.

Advice: book online

Although tickets are also sold at the box office, we advise you to buy a time slot ticket online. This way you are sure that you can visit the museum at the time of your choice. 
Time slots for a limited number of visitors start every ten minutes. This way it will not get too busy, and it is possible to keep one and a half meters away from other visitors and employees.

The Museum café and shop are open.

Sufficient disinfectants and plastic gloves are available. Cleaning is more frequent throughout the building.

Because some passages are tight, one-way traffic and a fixed route have been set up in some places.

235 visitors may be present at the same time in the Centraal Museum.

Also keep in mind the following rules:

  • Do not come to the museum when you have health complaints. 
  • It is only allowed to come to the museum with more than one person if there is a group, where a group consists of people who jointly run a household or form a social unit, such as a family, partners or housemates.
  • You can only pay with PIN (contactless).
  • Do not bring a bag larger than 30 x 30 cm or other large items.
  • Group tours, packages, tickets or activities are not yet possible.
  • Always follow the hygiene measures.
  • Always follow the directions of museum staff and volunteers.
  • Avoid crowds in public transport where possible, come with your own transport as much as possible.
  • Taking photos or video recordings is (for the time being) not allowed.