You will find a wide selection of books and items related to our exhibitions. In addition to publications about current exhibitions, you can also buy works (some of which are published by the Centraal Museum) about a wide variety of collections including everything from fashion to early art, design and Utrecht city history.

There is an extensive range of Miffy items, too, of course. Some of these are only available in the museum shop. Books in different languages, plush toys, clothing, tableware, toys or postcards: you are sure to find a unique gift!

Opening hours

The museum shop is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 10am to 5pm. The shop is directly accessible from the museum foyer and an admission ticket is not required.

The museum shop is housed in both the chapel and upper chapel of the Centraal Museum. Be sure to have a look upstairs, too!


The Museumkaart gives you unlimited access to 400 museums in the Netherlands for a year. The pass is available to purchase in our shop and can be used immediately.


Do you have a question for our museum shop staff? Please send an email to, or contact us by phone
on +31 (0)30 236 2349.