Free media guides are available for the permanent collection and most major exhibitions. The media guide contains stories in audio, video, text, and images about the themes and artworks.

What is a media guide?

The media guide offers surprising perspectives and different views on art, beyond the traditional art historical interpretation. The media guide touches you with personal stories, and aims to let you look at art in a new way.

You can use the media guide on your own phone. Tip: bring your own headphones or headset. There's no need to download anything and Wi-Fi is available throughout the museum building.

Media guides are designed to be used during your museum visit. If you are looking for additional depth at home or want to listen to a favorite fragment, you can do so by opening this link or scanning the QR code:

qr-code mediaguide.jpeg

This QR code is also available in the museum.

How does it work?

The media guide is easy to use. With the help of QR codes and images, it is easy to find out which objects have information available. Or type the number next to a work of art on the screen of the media guide to play the fragment directly.

For those who prefer to read than to listen, transcripts are included. The font size is adjustable, and there is a night mode. Most media guides are available in both Dutch and English.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to offer media guides of past exhibitions. Usually, only the large exhibitions (in Expo 2/3) have a media guide, and sometimes also a smaller exhibition.

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