The Centraal Museum privatised on 1 January 2013. It is now a foundation instead of a service of the Municipality of Utrecht. The result of this privatisation is even more efficient management and more clout. For the municipality, this means that it can concentrate better on its core tasks.

As a result of privatisation, the museum thinks and acts more like an entrepreneur. A cultural entrepreneur, that is. We regard cultural entrepreneurship as an attitude, a way of working and programming that is aimed at achieving the highest possible artistic, social and business return. Our interpretation of this incorporates four elements: - artistic and distinctive capacity
- social support
- a feasible revenue model
- professional business management

With the Centraal Museum, nijntje museum and Rietveld Schröder House, we want to permanently enhance Utrecht culturally and be a part of the community. We regularly organise community-oriented projects, such as workshops for elderly people with dementia or initiatives for residents of asylum seekers' centres.


In Utrecht we let you discover stories that originate in Utrecht or connect to the world from Utrecht. We also show how the world seeks to connect with Utrecht. The museum does this on the basis of the five collection profiles: modern art, contemporary art, early art, urban history and fashion & costumes. The museum's mission is therefore:

At the Centraal Museum, you will be enriched by art and culture from our world of Utrecht

Utrecht is the foundation, the world is our arena. Important core values that are part of this mission are connecting, inspiring, accessible, ambitious, knowledgeable and enriching.

Centraal Museum Foundation's core tasks:

  • the museological opening of existing or future buildings that are available to the Centraal Museum, such as the historic museum complex on Agnietenstraat/Nicolaaskerkhof in Utrecht, the nijntje museum and the Rietveld Schröder House. This includes a collection of designs by Dick Bruna, the Van Baaren collection and Rietveld collection;
  • to preserve, manage, selectively expand and improve and co-display the collections on loan to the foundation;
  • furthermore anything directly or indirectly connected with or conducive to this, all in the broadest sense.

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